Guiding Principles & Beliefs

The Georgia EMS Preparedness Foundation believes in the highest standards of organizational conduct and administration.  These are our Foundation’s principles and beliefs which we will firmly uphold:

Integrity and Ethics

Operating at the very highest levels of ethical conduct.


Always maintaining the top priority of EMS as saving lives and preventing deaths and injuries while making sure that the EMS professional, at every step of the way, is ready and willing to carry out his or her duties for the benefit of society.

Financial Responsibility

Being an excellent steward of community resources by maximizing the percentage of annual revenue spent on programs with no more than 15% of annual revenue going to administration costs.

Honesty and Transparency

Having all activities conducted in an honest and open manner, including full cooperation with nonprofit ‘watch dog’ agencies.


Having all programs, services, resources, operational processes and human resources strive for high standards of excellence.


Producing the best positive results as determined by program evaluations for those the foundation serve and for those who donate funds.

Sustainability and Comprehensiveness

Developing all foundation programming using long-term strategic planning together with long-term maintenance while taking into account environmental, economic and social dimensions to ensure that program benefits are maximized.


Making no discrimination as to nationality, race, gender, religious beliefs, class or political opinions.

Voluntary Service and Independence

Ensuring that Board Members, staff and volunteers maintain the Mission of the foundation by avoiding conflicts of interest, external influences or personal gain.